Luxurious Looks Using Affordable Accent Pieces

Decorative accents like stone, brick and wood can add a tremendous amount of visual appeal and value in a home. They make interesting focal points when added to walls, corners or even exterior fences. These types of materials add a natural touch that works well with nearly any type of decor. Depending on how they are used and what they are paired with, they can add elegance, a rustic touch or even make a home look more modern.

Many homeowners hesitate to use these types of products for a couple of reasons. Many of the natural materials can be heavy. In older homes this can cause too much stress on beams or fragile surfaces like plaster. They are also often too expensive for the average homeowner to afford.


Luckily, both of these issues are resolved by using faux finishes. Rather than using paper or paint to mimic another material, there are actual materials designed to copy the look and feel of other, more expensive products. Unlike other faux designs, this type of product will appear to be the material it is copying, even up close. They have the same texture and look, but are much more affordable.

The materials are available through distributors like Faux Direct, and there is a huge array of styles to consider. Stone panels and corner, brick sheets in a variety of colors and much more. They material can be used inside and out, so they are useful in endless ways. They can be added to a finished home to add a touch of luxury, or used to cover a stable, but unattractive old wall or exposed chimney. They install quickly and easily and are incredibly durable. Faux panels are even an excellent choice for wet areas that are prone to mold growth because they never need grout and are easy to clean.

Faux Direct has them ready to ship to homeowners all over the country. They offer panels and pieces for columns and corners. Each unit is sold separately, so it is easy to order just the amount needed for the project. The materials are guaranteed to never chip, crack or fade in the sun. They are a maintenance free option that can make any room instantly more beautiful.


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